About us

SAINTED GOODS is a distinguished women's clothing boutique located in Belmont, California. Two women starting our design journey together in local pop up boutiques to opening our first brick and mortar store in 2022. Sainted meaning once coveted & adorned quality goods curated by us, inspiring distinctive personal style.

Specializing in meticulously crafted handmade items and thoughtfully curated, vintage and pre-loved fashion. Committed to mitigating the environmental impact of fast fashion, we promote repurposed fashion both online and within our community. Additionally, we allocate a portion of our sales to support local charities.

 Sainted Goods, on the verge of commemorating our second year in business, is in the process of transitioning to accepting fabulous donations.

 Welcoming exceptional and exquisite antique, designer, or vintage pieces donations from individuals who wish to contribute to a small, woman- owned business dedicated to sustainable and purposeful fashion.